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Re: gdbui hang

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gdbui hang
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 22:27:08 +0100

 > Yes, I fully understand your dilemna, but the bugs in gdbui typically seem
 > pretty hard to describe in a useful way -- often it just hangs, and won't
 > unhang -- and are not easily repeatable.
 > Is there some internal state that be useful to quote in a bug report?  Even
 > better, how about a dump-gdbui-internal-state command that could be used
 > when sending a bug report?

If they are repeatable, you could set the variable gdb-enable-debug-log
(which records the transactions between gdb and emacs) to t, trigger the bug
and post the value of gdb-debug-log to emacs-devel.

If they're not repeatable, maybe you could start with gdb-enable-debug-log
set to t  and post the last part of gdb-debug-log to emacs-devel. I've
not tried this though, and gdb-debug-log might get very large and slow things


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