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Re: next-error-last-buffer

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: next-error-last-buffer
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 11:38:04 -0400
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On Thu, 27 May 2004, address@hidden wrote:

>     If there is a real need to enable next-error-function in the existing
>     buffer visited by next-error (i.e. if it's not too rare case when the
>     user needs to kill a buffer and create a new, that may be inconvenient
>     if performed too often), then next-error-function could be enabled again
>     by setting it to the initial value by typing C-m or one of other error
>     visiting keys available in the next-error capable buffer.
> That might be an ok solution.  It is worth trying, at least.

Let me make sure I understand the problem and solution.

When next-error is called in buffer X, it may pop the user into
buffer Y.  We want to unset next-error-function in Y, so that
next-error does not act in Y from that point on.

Couldn't this be achieved by making the next-error-last-buffer check
in next-error-find-buffer precede the current-buffer check?

We need to define a function next-error-follow-this-buffer that would
set next-error-last-buffer to (current-buffer).  That way, users can
force the behavior that now is the default, that next-error should act
on (current-buffer) first and foremost.  I would bind
next-error-follow-this-buffer to C-x ~ (which on US keyboards is
Shift-` so remembering it is not too bad).


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