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Auto-revert on remote files: disabling timers temporarily?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Auto-revert on remote files: disabling timers temporarily?
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 17:58:55 +0200
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In parallel to Kai, I've tried to find another solution. What about
disabling timers during execution of a Tramp file name function?
Something like this:

(defun tramp-file-name-handler (operation &rest args)
  "Invoke Tramp file name handler.
Falls back to normal file name handler if no tramp file name handler exists."
    (let* ((filename (apply 'tramp-file-name-for-operation operation args))
           (foreign (tramp-find-foreign-file-name-handler filename)))
        ;; Tramp functions called by timers would disturb process
        ;; communication.  Therefore, timers are disabled temporarily.
        (let ((tl timer-list))
                (setq timer-list nil)
                (apply foreign operation args))
            (setq timer-list tl))))
       (t (tramp-run-real-handler operation args))))))

Locally, it works fine for me, even with enabled auto-revert-mode for
remote files. But I have no idea about side effects. Are there obvious
objections against?

Best regards, Michael.

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