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Re: Slow access to files using UNC path

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: Slow access to files using UNC path
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 08:42:47 +0200

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 08:31, KOBAYASHI Yasuhiro wrote:

> What about the following patch:

> *** c:/home/kobayays/src/emacs/lisp/vc.el~    Wed Sep  1 15:16:40 2004
> --- c:/home/kobayays/src/emacs/lisp/vc.el     Wed Sep  1 15:05:08 2004
> ***************
> *** 644,649 ****
> --- 644,652 ----
>     :type '(repeat number)
>     :group 'vc)
> + ;;;###autoload
> + (defvar vc-hostname-fs-path-re "\\`\\([\\/][\\/]\\|/net/\\|/afs/\\)\\'")
> + 
>   ;; vc-annotate functionality (CVS only).
>   (defvar vc-annotate-mode nil
>     "Variable indicating if VC-Annotate mode is active.")

That doesn't look right.  If you want to ensure every backend sees the
variable when needed, place it into vc-hooks.el (this is the
always-loaded portion of VC).  It needs to have a good doc string
though.  Not having followed the discussion until now, I have hardly any
idea what the variable is supposed to do.  The doc string suggested in
an earlier patch:

  "Regular expression to identify remote folders"

isn't much help either.  ("Folder" is not an Emacs term, to begin
with.)  Please clarify.  Also, if this is a general mechanism to
identify directories on remote hosts, I wonder if only VC is concerned
with it.  Perhaps the regexp needs to go to a different place

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