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Re: The `risky-local-variable' blacklist

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: The `risky-local-variable' blacklist
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:53:20 -0400

    Quoting from NEWS, we already added the foundation for this:

    ** The variable `safe-local-eval-forms' specifies a list of forms that
    are ok to evaluate when they appear in an `eval' local variables
    specification.  Normally Emacs asks for confirmation before evaluating
    such a form, but if the form appears in this list, no confirmation is

I think I wouldn't use the same variable, simply because setting a
variable isn't an "eval form".  Yes, we could look for (setq VAR VAL)
in that list, but it seems unclean as a user interface.

    IIRC, we discussed back then whether to give the user a choice to
    automatically add an eval form to that list when prompted to confirm.
    But it was rejected/postponed due to lack of interest.

Eval forms are used only rarely; for them, such a feature isn't
needed.  But if we make every file variable setting check such a list,
that is much more common, so I believe such an interface is needed.

    BTW, shouldn't safe-local-eval-forms be marked risky ???

Not necessary, its name automatically implies "risky".

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