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Re: External programs and resources

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: External programs and resources
Date: 02 Sep 2004 14:10:05 -0400
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> I have not been able to find a common entrypoint for external resources from
> Emacs. I would for example appreciate if there was only one place where the
> path to a program like Ghostview was entered.

> I would suggest that customization of things like this should be in one or
> several lisp modules that could be used by other modules.

> My apologies if this has already been done or discussed before.

It might be a good idea, but since packages are developed separately by
manny people who don't know each other, it's not always so easy (especially
because you also still want to be able to specify different values
sometimes, because you might sometimes want to use one version of `gv' for
one package and another for some other package).

In the short term, the best we can do is find those redundant customizations
and unify them.  Which ones were you thinking of?


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