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Re: compile-error-at-point and next-error

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: compile-error-at-point and next-error
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 23:36:09 +0300
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
>     > PS: I've tried searching for this in the list archive, but the search 
>     > engine doesn't seem to work.
>     >         Regardless of what I search for I don't get any results. Not 
> even 
>     > for words like "the".
>     >         In the thread view I've tried searching for some words in 
> subject 
>     > lines. Also without success.
>     >         What am I doing wrong?
>     Unfortunately, mail archives are broken: the search engine doesn't
>     work, and archives are not available from mail.gnu.org anymore :-(
> Could you be more specific than "broken" and "doesn't work" and
> "not available"?  If I get a specific bug report that says exactly
> what input to provide, in what URL, where to click, etc., I can
> get someone to fix it.

There are two separate problems:

1. The search engine on emacs-devel mailing list always returns no
   result for any query term.  For example, searching for the "Emacs"
   with the following URL


   displays the page with 0 document matching the query.

   This seems to be the problem specific only to emacs-devel, since the
   search performed on other mailing lists works fine.  Compare it, for
   example, with the search on bug-gnu-emacs which returns 7948 documents
   for the same query string:


2. Starting from June 2004 monthly mail archives in plain mbox format
   are not placed to the ftp://mail.gnu.org/ subdirectories anymore.
   For example, ftp://mail.gnu.org/emacs-devel/ has all old archives
   starting from year 2000 available, but the last file dates
   by 2004-05.  And files for all subsequent months (2004-06..2004-09)
   are missing.  All mailing lists archived under ftp://mail.gnu.org/
   suffer from the same problem.

   I guess plain mail files might be preserved somewhere, since
   Mailman web interface displays messages for all (even for most recent)
   months correctly.  Could you make all recent plain mbox files
   available on ftp://mail.gnu.org/?  They are very useful for off-line
   browsing, for improting locally into MUA, for grepping, etc.

Juri Linkov

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