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Re: (getenv "TERM") always returns "dumb"

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: (getenv "TERM") always returns "dumb"
Date: 03 Sep 2004 14:16:56 -0400
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>     Most processes started from within Emacs do not talk to a smart
>     terminal, but they believe they do.

> Why do they believe they do?  Is it because the Lisp code that starts
> them does not specify "dumb" as the terminal type?
> If so, the straightforward solution is to change the Lisp code
> that invokes them.

Right, but *none* of the subprocesses can talk directly to the terminal on
which Emacs was started, so every single piece of elisp that starts
a process should change the TERM variable.  It seems preferable to change it
once and forall, doesn't it?


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