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Re: Question about new release of Emacs

From: Kevin A. Burton
Subject: Re: Question about new release of Emacs
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 23:46:49 -0700
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David Kastrup wrote:

If you really need something, there is little you can do except

checkout a particular version from CVS.  You can try taking a look at
the ChangeLogs of the last 4 weeks or so to find some version which
does not have bad bugs introduced and fixed shortly after the version.

As for the actual next release: we are ni feature freeze for 21.4, but
there are still various issues remaining.  My personal guess is that
chances are 50:50 it may appear in 2004.  But others will have other
opinions.  There are no fixed release dates or objectives: once the
developers feel that all problems have been addressed satisfactorily,
the release will happen.  There is no sense in releasing it before
that, and little sense to wait much longer after that.
I can speak from a users perspective... the sooner the better... at least for a beta ... I'd settle for a beta :)

I need to look at this socket interface... sounds REALLY interesting... Hope it supports async IO!!!



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