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Re: Maintainer for Emacs w32 faq

From: Alex Schroeder
Subject: Re: Maintainer for Emacs w32 faq
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 14:01:29 +0200
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"Lennart Borgman" <address@hidden> writes:

> In a recent message I asked if someone knew where to find Steve Kemp and if
> he is still the maintainer of Emacs w32 faq. I found him and he says he has
> not been that for a few good years.

Is this just a web resource or actually distributed with Emacs?  How
about migrating all the questions and their answers to the Emacs Wiki?
Then we don't need maintainer roles because anybody can be a

I've appended the current CategoryWThirtyTwo...

.O.  http://www.emacswiki.org/alex/
..O  Schroeder's fifth law:
OOO  Never accept more work than you can handle in one night of hacking.

Where to get it:

* Official supported binaries
* Unofficial unsupported CVS binary http://www.crasseux.com/emacs/
* and another: http://nqmacs.sf.net
* or build it yourself BuildingOnWindowsTableofContents


* FAQ http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/windows/ntemacs.html
* Mailling list http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/help-emacs-windows/


* WThirtyTwoWinZip -- using <nowiki>WinZip</nowiki> to unpack
  <tt>.tar.gz</tt> files
* WThirtyTwoInstallationKit -- an installation program for GNU Emacs
  on MS Windows

MS Tips and Tricks:

* WThirtyTwoDiredContextMenu -- display Explorer's context menu
* WThirtyTwoNetSend -- send messages using the NT command net send
* MakeSmartShortcuts -- seeing is believing, try it out
* MsdnHelp -- Get MSDN help right from Emacs.
* EdiffOnWThirtyTwo -- using ediff in a W32 environment
* WThirtyTwoFontifiedRegionToClipboard -- well...
* WThirtyTwoBrowseNetDrives -- To browse the net drives!
* WThirtyTwoMsgBox -- make emacs bring up a simple message box using
* WThirtyTwoFindDired -- simple w32-version of find-dired
* WThirtyTwoSymlinks -- parse .lnk files
* VisEmacs - Use emacs as the text editor for Visual Studio
* CatagoryIntellimouse - Information about using an IntelliMouse with

MS applications:

* MsOutlook -- use Emacs as the editor for Microsoft Outlook
* [[XKeymacs]] --  use the Emacs keybindings everywhere
MS shell:
* http://www.gnusoftware.com/Emacs/Lisp/w32-shellex.el
* WThirtyTwoShellExecute -- execute any of the 'Explorer verbs'
  available for a file or directory.
* MsShellExecute -- more Shell Execute stuff
* ContextMenu -- adding "Open with Emacs" to the windows context menu


* PrintEasyAndWithColorsOnWindows
* PrintFromWindowsExplorer
* Printing under windows http://freebooks.by.ru/view/EmacsIn24h/emacs018.htm
* From the FAQ, printing under windows:

W32 development:

* CygWin -- using Emacs with (or within) Cygwin
* MinGW -- using GCC directly without Cygwin library

Reading proprietary file formats:

* UnDoc -- view MS Word files in Emacs 
* AntiWord -- interfacing with the antiword program

Forks: Other Windows32 Emacs applications

* Meadow, Multilingual enhancement to gnu Emacs with ADvantages Over
  Windows. A Japanese-language oriented GNU Emacs fork with Cygwin
  like installer. http://www.meadowy.org/meadow/

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