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[ping] patch for eterm.ti

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: [ping] patch for eterm.ti
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 22:41:01 -0700

I sent this more than 6 month ago, but there has been no reply...
Can somebody please take a look? Thanks. 

--- Begin Message --- Subject: patch for eterm.ti
I was investigating why emacs -nw inside a M-x term terminal is shown
as monochrome although the "eterm" terminal supports colors. It turns
out that emacs decides no to use colors because the "op" terminfo
property is not set for "eterm".

term.el supports colors, see: 

;;; Reset foreground
   ((eq parameter 39)

So it seems that it would be good to add this fact to eterm's terminfo

If this is OK, can you please check it in? 

2004-02-17  Dan Nicolaescu  <address@hidden>

        * e/eterm.ti: Add entry for op.
          e/eterm: Regenerate.

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