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Re: CVS Emacs list-buffer-noselect calls set-window-buffer, displays eve

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: CVS Emacs list-buffer-noselect calls set-window-buffer, displays every buffer briefly!
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:20:56 -0600
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Francis Litterio wrote:
> I wrote:
>>1. list-buffers-noselect calls set-window-buffer once for every buffer.
>>2. set-window-buffer calls the functions on window-scroll-functions.
>>3. The problem only happens when I'm running ERC (the Emacs IRC client).
>>4. ERC adds the function erc-scroll-to-bottom to window-scroll-functions
>>   (locally in each ERC buffer).
>>5. erc-scroll-to-bottom calls recenter.
> In fact, erc-scroll-to-bottom calls (sit-for 0), and sit_for calls
> redisplay_preserve_echo_area.
> I think this solves the puzzle, though we have to decide if
> list-buffers-noselect should continue to call set-window-buffer, given
> that set-window-buffer calls the hooks on window-scroll-functions.

Would it be reasonable for list-buffers-noselect to let-bind
window-scroll-functions to nil?

Kevin Rodgers

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