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New Function vc-annotate-chosen-revision - PATCH

From: jbyler+emacs-lists
Subject: New Function vc-annotate-chosen-revision - PATCH
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:29:43 -0400

Hi folks,

Included is a very simple patch to vc.el which implements a useful
addition to the vc annotate functionality: the ability to jump to a
specific version prompted for via the minibuffer.  Among other things,
this is useful because it lets you jump to a named tag or branch.

I would appreciate it if someone would check this in to CVS, as it's a
low risk change that could be useful to a lot of people who will be
using 21.4.  If you need a statement of assignment of copyright for
these 9 lines of code, just let me know what it should look like. 
Here's a possible ChangeLog entry:

2004-08-27  First Last <address@hidden>

        * vc.el (vc-annotate-chosen-revision): New function. 


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From: address@hidden
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Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:46:11 -0400
Subject: New Function vc-annotate-chosen-revision

Hi all,

I just discovered the new functionality added to vc-annotate back in
January, and it's GREAT! - very handy features (viewing logs & diffs &
changing versions).

One thing I thought would augment it a little would be the ability to
jump to an arbitrary revision.  Since the code is all so nicely modular
it was a snap to write; I'm including a patch to vc.el in the hopes that
it can be installed in CVS for inclusion in emacs 21.4.


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