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Re: gdb-ui can't handle mutiple debugging sessions

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: gdb-ui can't handle mutiple debugging sessions
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 23:17:12 -0400
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>> Do multiple sessions still work (at least as well as before) if you use
>> `gdb --fullname'?

> Multiple sessions with --fullname also have some limitations, but they are
> easily understood.

Well, I'm not sure you're answering my question: do they *still* work?
I.e. as long as you use `gdb --fullname', Emacs-CVS works just as well as

> For example, trying to set a breakpoint in a source file with C-x a SPC
> will send the command to the last active session, which is usually what
> you want, but not always.  In general, it works quite well.

Yes, it has many problems, but these are not new: it is important (to me at
least) to distinguish "regressions", from "lack of improvement".

As for the specific example you mention, I'd be interested to hear your
suggestions for how GUD should handle it (I don't have much experience with
such situations, so it's difficult for me to know what would be best).


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