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Re: enriched-mode and switching major modes.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: enriched-mode and switching major modes.
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 08:26:50 -0400
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>        Even if `kill-all-local-variables' does not kill these variables, the
>        major mode can override them.  In the case of `indent-line-function',
>        most modes that are usually combined with Enriched mode will.
>    Maybe that one shouldn't be set by Enriched mode.

I obviously agree (since I all but requested it in a previous message).

>    Without this particular setting, how easy is it to do that?
> It would not properly update `enriched-old-bindings'.

I lost some of the context, but enriched-old-bindings is (or should be)
permanent-local (at least as long as eriched-mode is).

> Also, while it is unlikely that a major mode would try to override
> `buffer-display-table' or `default-text-properties', the fact remains that
> if `enriched-mode' continues to grow, the danger of one of its variables
> being overridden by the major mode increases.

I wouldn't worry so much about the future: it leads to overengineering.
Also if you look at the past, you'd see that enriched-mode hasn't been
growing that much, so the risk is indeed not as clear as you seem to imply.


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