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Modifier keys in Carbon Emacs

From: Doug Alcorn
Subject: Modifier keys in Carbon Emacs
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:19:58 -0400

I had complained briefly in another thread about certain non-mac-ness
of the carbon port of emacs.  I think I can boil all of it down to how
modifier keys are handled.  I know about mac-command-key-is-meta and
mac-pass-*-to-system.  What I can't decide is how to best use them.

On the one hand (as a new mac user) I'm trying to get used to all the
Cmd-X keyboard shortcuts.  On the other hand (as a recent Linux user)
I'm used to Alt being Meta and being immediately next to the space
bar.  Leaving mac-command-key-is-meta set as t means that I won't be
able to use Cmd-tab to switch apps.  If I set
mac-pass-command-to-system it means emacs will have a much reduced

I guess ideally I'd like to set mac-command-key-is-meta to nil so that
Alt/Option is Meta; however, I'd also like to have some new variable
mac-command-key-is-hyper that I can set t and then
mac-pass-command-key-to-system t.  That way I can have all my
"standard" emacs keys mapped to meta and also use Cmd to map other
commands. For instance I could map H-` to other-frame and H-m to
iconify-frame among other things.

Anyway, I'd appreciate advice on the best way to handle modifier keys
so that I can keep both standard emacs bindings and standard mac
 (__) Doug Alcorn - Unix/Linux/Web Developing
 oo /  mailto:address@hidden http://www.lathi.net

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