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Re: Modifier keys in Carbon Emacs

From: Steven Tamm
Subject: Re: Modifier keys in Carbon Emacs
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:07:20 -0700

All of the various key-mappings variables are hacks: Since I did most of them, 
I take the blame.

In the short term, if you want to get something working for you, I would 
suggest modifying mac_to_emacs_modifiers in src/macterm.c to do what you need.  
Something like

  if (NILP (Vmac_command_key_is_hyper) && (mods & cmdKey))
    result |= hyper_modifier;

In the long term, some work should be done to do xmodmap type modifier 
translation: i.e. provide the ability to map all the mac modifier keys 
(Cmd,Alt,Ctrl,Fn) to the emacs modifiers (C,M,A,H) or to system modifiers.  
What would be the best way to represent this?


On Thursday, September 16, 2004, at 02:22PM, Doug Alcorn <address@hidden> wrote:

>I had complained briefly in another thread about certain non-mac-ness
>of the carbon port of emacs.  I think I can boil all of it down to how
>modifier keys are handled.  I know about mac-command-key-is-meta and
>mac-pass-*-to-system.  What I can't decide is how to best use them.
>On the one hand (as a new mac user) I'm trying to get used to all the
>Cmd-X keyboard shortcuts.  On the other hand (as a recent Linux user)
>I'm used to Alt being Meta and being immediately next to the space
>bar.  Leaving mac-command-key-is-meta set as t means that I won't be
>able to use Cmd-tab to switch apps.  If I set
>mac-pass-command-to-system it means emacs will have a much reduced
>I guess ideally I'd like to set mac-command-key-is-meta to nil so that
>Alt/Option is Meta; however, I'd also like to have some new variable
>mac-command-key-is-hyper that I can set t and then
>mac-pass-command-key-to-system t.  That way I can have all my
>"standard" emacs keys mapped to meta and also use Cmd to map other
>commands. For instance I could map H-` to other-frame and H-m to
>iconify-frame among other things.
>Anyway, I'd appreciate advice on the best way to handle modifier keys
>so that I can keep both standard emacs bindings and standard mac
> (__) Doug Alcorn - Unix/Linux/Web Developing
> oo /  mailto:address@hidden http://www.lathi.net
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