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byte-code optimizations

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: byte-code optimizations
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 11:52:15 -0200
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Are you interested in byte-code optimizations?  I think I found
a rather good one, specifically targeted at `c[ad][ad]r' substs.
It can be generalized further, though.

Consider this hypothetical function:

        (lambda (x)
          (cons (caar x) (cddr x)))

With current Emacs byte-compiler we get

        M-: (disassemble (lambda (x) (cons (caar x) (cddr x))))

byte code:
  args: (x)
0       varref    x
1       dup       
2       varbind   x
3       car       
4       car       
5       unbind    1
6       varref    x
7       dup       
8       varbind   x
9       cdr       
10      cdr       
11      unbind    1
12      cons      
13      return    

With the patch (see the very end of this message), this, however,
reduces simply to

byte code:
  args: (x)
0       varref    x
1       car       
2       car       
3       varref    x
4       cdr       
5       cdr       
6       cons      
7       return    

In other words, it squeezes the unnecessary binding out of each
`c[ad][ad]r'.  Three commands per each substitution.  This is a
lightweight (and special-cases-only) implementation of a TODO
item in `byte-opt.el'.

If you are interested, I can polish the patch and generalize it
a bit.

Currently, there is one unresolved problem with the patch.  In
`byte-opt.el' top comment it is mentioned that ``However certain
variables should never have their bindings optimized away,
because they affect everything.'' (i.e. `debug-on-error').

I doubt this is particularly important for bindings followed
by car/cdr sequences, but it is certainly better not to left
open pits.

There is also an obvious way to improve: in addition to
`byte-c[ad]r' certain other byte commands can be allowed in
sequences, i.e. `byte-not'.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


--- byte-opt.el 22 Mar 2004 13:21:08 -0200      1.75
+++ byte-opt.el 18 Sep 2004 11:04:59 -0200      
@@ -1993,6 +1993,22 @@ If FOR-EFFECT is non-nil, the return val
                  "  %s [dup/%s]...\t-->\t%s dup..." lap0 lap0 lap0)))
+           ;; dup varbind-X [car/cdr ...] unbind-1 --> [car/cdr ...]
+           ;;
+           ((and (eq 'byte-dup     (car lap0))
+                 (eq 'byte-varbind (car lap1)))
+            (setq tmp (cdr rest))
+            (while (memq (caar (setq tmp (cdr tmp))) '(byte-car byte-cdr)))
+            (when (and (eq 'byte-unbind (caar tmp)) (= 1 (cdar tmp)))
+              ;; Throw away  dup varbind-X
+              (setcar rest (nth 2 rest))
+              (setcdr rest (nthcdr 3 rest))
+              ;; Throw away unbind-1
+              (setcar tmp (nth 1 tmp))
+              (setcdr tmp (nthcdr 2 tmp))
+              (byte-compile-log-lap
+               "  dup %s [car/cdr ...] unbind-1\t-->\t[car/cdr...]" lap1)))
+           ;;
            ;; unbind-N unbind-M  -->  unbind-(N+M)
            ((and (eq 'byte-unbind (car lap0))

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