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Re: Propertizing the minor-mode-alist

From: James Clark
Subject: Re: Propertizing the minor-mode-alist
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 17:52:37 +0700

On Sat, 2004-09-18 at 06:23, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     - the code gives the new properties priority over the existing
>     properties
> That is the intended behavior of the feature; I don't want to change
> that.

I haven't been able to think of a case where this behavior would be
useful.  Do you have something in mind?  It seems to be that, in the
context of the mode-line, the other way round would be more useful: if
the user has gone to the trouble of putting local-map or help-echo
properties on a string destined for the mode-line, then they won't want
those properties overridden by some containing :propertize element. If
you think of :propertize as being a declarative description of the
desired properties rather than as a function call, then given something

`(:propertize (propertize: ,(propertize s p1) ,p2) ,p3)

it's more natural and useful for p1 to have priority over p2 which
should in turn have priority over p3.


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