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2 nits about mailabbrev

From: John Owens
Subject: 2 nits about mailabbrev
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 18:29:43 +0000 (UTC)
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1) .alias accepts a syntax like the following:

alias gwbush "George W. Bush <address@hidden>"

All good so far. I like this syntax; it's well-known, it's easy, pretty
much every mailer likes it. Now, when I expand the alias 

(add-hook 'mail-mode-hook 'mail-abbrevs-setup)

in mail mode, I get the following:

To: George W. Bush <address@hidden>

Now, while that looks nice, the . after W is not in fact good syntax,
and to make it compliant (RFC 822), it should really expand to

To: "George W. Bush" <address@hidden>

although if I just had

alias gwbush "George W Bush <address@hidden>"

I think it should expand to

To: George W Bush <address@hidden>

2) Again using mailabbrev, expansion happens after the @
character is typed, so if I have

alias george "GW Bush <address@hidden>"

and then I want to mail my friend address@hidden, I type

To: george@

which immediately expands to

To: GW Bush <address@hidden>@

which does not seem to me to be useful. I can't think of a 
circumstance where I'd want expansion when the @ character 
is typed. Commas, whitespace, that makes sense. But not @.

Using fairly recent (~1 week ago) build of CVS emacs
on OS X 10.3.5.


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