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Re: find-file dialog in Carbon Emacs is broken

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: find-file dialog in Carbon Emacs is broken
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 22:20:17 +0200

No, it is no good at all.  Most operations doesn't set MUST-MATCH when
an existing file is to be opened.

I can see two possibilities for such cases: (1) they are broken because they really do need an existing file, but don't ask for one, and (2) they really
can handle entry of a non-existant filename (like find-file).

First we must agree on what MUST-MATCH means.  The Motif dialog box
thinks MUST-MATCH means that the user must select a file that exists
and has the name of the default file (or initial). The file name can not be changed by the user. This is for example the case when doing next-error
but the current directory is wrong, so the user is basically asked to
change to the correct directory and select the file suggested by Emacs.

But for read-file-name the user is only presented with the default file
name, but can change it.

In the first case, ediff is not broken. In the second case it is, and so
is the code for the Motif dialog.

        Jan D.

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