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Re: Emacs on GNUstep (prerelease)

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: Emacs on GNUstep (prerelease)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 13:04:45 -0400

On Oct 14, 2004, at 10:27 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:

    This is a modification of "Emacs on Aqua"
    (http://emacs-on-aqua.sf.net), which traces its lineage back to an
    original port of GNU Emacs to NeXTstep by Carl Edman, which was
    successively modified for OpenStep, Rhapsody, and OS X, and updated
    most recently to emacs version 20.7.  Hence the 8.0 version number.

Can you find all the authors of those changes, so we could get
legal papers from them in order to install this?

I'm willing to try. (And I've already signed over copyright for my own FSF contributions.) Actually I believe that some of the authors should have papers on file already. Who would I contact at FSF/records to verify this?

Note I assume you are talking about the case if we go the route of updating the ns-emacs codebase to 21. If we go the route of starting from the Carbon-based version, it is OK copyright-wise to use the ns-emacs code as a reference as long as major chunks are not copied directly over, correct?

If this happens, we will eventually be interested in trying to bring
    this port up to Emacs 21.  I have heard that there were a lot of
internal changes to the Emacs graphical terminal code from 20 to 21,
    and therefore it may end up being easier to start from the current
    Carbon-based Emacs for OS X to do this.

Since we support a greater variety of display platforms and toolkits
now, the newer code might also be easier to do this in.

Is there a summary available anywhere of what the main internal changes to display management were? I know that, functionally, images, proportional fonts, and the fringe are the main additions. But maybe there was significant internal revamping? (I know I can just go and peruse the code but it might save some time to have a little guidance..)

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