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Re: `exec shield' test in configure too strict?

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: `exec shield' test in configure too strict?
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 22:33:16 +0200

Another idea: can `main' contain code to move its heap address to the
desired place, at startup?

No, as the desired place is not a mapped memory region, you can not write

How about mapping a memory region at the desired place, then
putting the heap address there?

It could work, but sounds tricky, you would have to mmap exactly
between BSS and the heap.  It is possible that the kernel could
reject such a request.  I haven't tested it though.

But we could do as described by Camm Maguire, check if the heap is not
    at the correct place at temacs startup, and if it is not, call
    personality(LINUX32) and exec() temacs again.

That also seems like a good method, perhaps better.  It would require
testing whether the symbols pertaining to personalites are developed,
but that is a test done by compilation, so it should be unproblematical.

I have checked in this method now. I actually have an unexelf.c that works
with exec-shield on now, but I have only tested it on Fedora Core 2.  It
is probably too risky to check it in this close to a release.

        Jan D.

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