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RE: when to bind *down-mouse* vs *mouse*?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: when to bind *down-mouse* vs *mouse*?
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 09:22:25 -0800

       However, some of the standard bindings seem contradictory
        - S-down-mouse-1 is bound to mouse-set-font.
        - M-mouse-2 is bound to mouse-yank-secondary.

       Can someone clear this up for me? What is the recommendation?
       What is the logic behind mouse bindings for click events?
       Are some of the standard bindings inconsistent, or am I just
       missing something?

    I do not see any inconsistency in the above.  S-down-mouse-1 brings up
    the Font menu and where you release it (S-mouse-1) determines what
    happens next.  I believe that it is in general preferable to bind
    click events, rather than button-down events, unless you either want
    to look for a drag type event or you want a two step process, like the
    S-down-mouse-1 - S-mouse-1 sequence.

Thanks for your reply, Luc. I'm getting a better idea of what I'm missing.

I'm still unclear about S-down-mouse-1, however. What do you mean by "where
you release it (S-mouse-1) determines what happens next"? Maybe I'm missing
something because I'm using Emacs on Windows?

On Windows, S-down-mouse-1 just brings up the standard Windows Font dialog
box, by default. Where you release the mouse button does not seem to have
any effect.

I also tried setting `w32-use-w32-font-dialog' to nil, to get the
non-Windows dialog "like X does" (to quote the doc string). I still do not
notice any change in behavior depending on where I release the mouse button,

What difference in behavior do you notice, depending on where you release
the mouse button?



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