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Re: Documentation for custom-file - is not (load custom-file) needed?

Subject: Re: Documentation for custom-file - is not (load custom-file) needed?
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:31:39 +0100

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From: address@hidden (Kim F. Storm)

> > I really do not want to go on forever about this, but I still 
> want to
> > point out one last time how easy the alternative is:
> >
> > (2)  ... Even better (but this is a
> >      minor issue): leave the defcustom, but put in a not to be 
> missed>      warning in the Custom buffer.  The latter provides 
> full 100%
> >      backward compatibility and helps people who use Custom as a
> >      browser (which means most people).
> IMHO, this is a perfect solution for 21.4 -- it doesn't change any
> functionality which isn't more broken now than it was before.

If this is the way we are going then please put that warning so it can not be 
missed. In my opinion it should then be when custom-file is saved. At that 
moment a check should be made if the variable `custom-file' is among those that 
are beeing saved. It should then be removed from the list of variables that are 
going to be saved and a warning screen about this should be shown, telling the 
user how to instead save that variable (for example by editing .emacs).

I previously suggested that it would be in the GUI part, but that is not a very 
good place. 

- Lennart

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