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Re: undo in loaddefs.el buffer

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: undo in loaddefs.el buffer
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:01:19 -0500

I think batch mode should do something different to undo-outer-limit.

1. I'll set it up so that nil means "no limit".

2. Perhaps batch mode should set it to nil, normally.

3. Another idea is that batch mode could silently discard undo info
when it reaches undo-outer-limit.  That is what it was doing until
a few days ago

But that doesn't seem entirely right.  I think the right thing to do
is to find the functions that shouldn't really maintain undo info, and
fix them not to do so, regardless of whether they are in batch mode.

For instance, I think texinfo-format-buffer should disable undo
unconditionally for the output Info file.

update-file-autoloads is a special case, because it edits the file
loaddefs.el as a visited file, and it is plausible you might edit it
by hand.  You might also want to undo the effect of one call to
update-file-autoloads.  So it shouldn't just turn off undo.

So I think batch-update-autoloads is the right place to do something
about this problem.

4. Another idea is that batch mode could always turn off undo.  That
is a little drastic as a change, but what do people think of it?

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