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Re: gdb-ui / fring coredump question

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: gdb-ui / fring coredump question
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:28:53 +0900

> By default, if the fringe is present, both arrow and breakpoint icons should
> display there. The only way that I can get breakpoint icons to display in the
> margin when the fringe is present, is to make the fringe under eight pixels
> wide

I'm confused what you mean above.  Do you mean that you _want_ to use
the margin for breakpoint icons, but that there's some strange
interaction between the fringe and margin such that this doesn't work
when the fringe is 8 or more pixels wide?  That sounds a bit strange.

I'd think that the most desirable method would be to use the fringe
for both; as you mention below, there's a click issue, but at least
for my use, clickability is not very important, I'd prefer to have the
nicer display properties of the fringe-only mode.

> (what value do you have for fringe-mode?).

fringe-mode's value is nil

> Going slightly offtopic, when
> the margin is used you can disable/enable it with mouse-3. However, I can't
> get this behaviour to work in the fringe because, in this case, there are no
> associated text-properties to store breakpoint information. 

Another problem I saw in passing with the both-fringe-and-margins mode
is that for some reason once the margin had been displayed, it would
sometimes start blinking on and off (I mean, it would display first
without the margin, then redisplay with the margin, etc).  I don't
have an easy test case for this though.

I wonder if it's related to the bug I reported earlier, where I get
repeated alternating redisplay of octal-encoded ecapes for 8-bit
values and "displayed as european characters" display; that bug is
still not fixed.

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