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Re: [OSX] G4 compiled binary fails on G5

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: [OSX] G4 compiled binary fails on G5
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:05:50 +0100
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Le 2 fév 2005, Stefan Monnier a dit :

> > > How did you set the USE_LSB_TAG ?  What compiler did you use?
> > USE_LSB_TAG is defined for MAC_OSX.  (see lisp.h)
> Yes,  my  question  is  about   his  compiling  the  MacOS9  version  with
> USE_LSB_TAG (I  know Mac OS X uses  USE_LSB_TAG, since I put  that part of
> the code in lisp.h myself ;-)

The  MacOS9 is  generated  by  the compiler  of  MPW (Macintosh  Programming
Workshop) the  IDE that was freely available  (and still is, if  you want to
build some prehistoric software) during the pre-OSX age.

(I am  not that familiar  with that environment,  because when i  started to
work  for  my   current  company  it  was  already   abandoned  to  the  new
OSX/CodeWarrior  environment, but  we are  still occasionally  using  it for
specific tasks.)

The MacOS9 compilation is made in 2 steps :
- make Emacs -f makefile.MPW > compile_script
- execution of compile_script

As definition  of USE_LSB_TAG  at make invocation  did not seemed  to change
anything (no  change to the  compilation script) i  modified the line  50 of
mac/makefile.MPW to add a -d USE_LSB_TAG 

Now, i just  checked in the compilation script that  the compiled invoked is
actually MrC. Thus  i suppose that during compilation  it defines __MRC__ so
my  modification  is  useless and  the  limitation  of  512 MB  was  already
removed... and my question is non sense.

Is there a method to test for that limitation on a 512 MB machine ? Is there
any  mean to  know  by asking  Emacs  what symbols/options  were defined  at
compile time ?

Sébastien Kirche

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