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Re: packaging (was: The MH-E repository)

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: packaging (was: The MH-E repository)
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 04:01:48 -0400

    > You are trying to facilitate updates in specific packages
    > at the expense of undermining the long-term development of Emacs.
    > If people do what you want, it will impede progress.

    Please elaborate.

I explained that in the first message.  When packages are maintained
in places outside of the Emacs repository, often the changes do not
get installed in the Emacs repository.

We had a problem like this in regard to flyspell which I had to clear
up myself just recently.  I had to spend hours on it.  We know of
similar problem in regard to cperl-mode.  There was a problem of this
kind with Gnus for a long time.

There are probably other such problems that we do not know about.
It is not easy to find out about them without sending mail to a lot
of people, which would be a lot of work.

I am going to look for measures to discourage the practice of
releasing parts of Emacs separately.

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