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Re: non-break-space in tutorial

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: non-break-space in tutorial
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 15:52:29 +0300
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With all opinions taken into account I installed a patch, so all
people can try it.

A new special face was added for highlighting non-breaking spaces.
By default, it uses the underline attribute.  Underline appropriately
represents the meaning of non-breaking space in a similar way as
underscore character is used in some programming language identifiers,
and it is less annoying than an additional backslash.  The color of
underline is not loud but still distinguishable from the default
foreground color.  I believe this is a good solution.

After a testing period (say, 1 week) I could remove the variable
`show-non-break'.  There seems to be no need for this variable since
highlighting can be disabled by inheriting `no-break-space' face
from the default face.

PS: I also changed NBSP with space in remaining tutorial files.
This shows that accidentally typed NBSP is quite a common case.

Juri Linkov

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