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Re: tooltip-use-echo-area disappeared

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: tooltip-use-echo-area disappeared
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 09:33:38 +1200

 > > Resurrecting tooltip-use-echo-area is unrelated to making the tty version
 > > support tooltips.
 > IMO, it is related.

OK.  I've just installed changes that try to restore the behaviour of
tooltip-use-echo-area.  I guess I should try to give people what they
want rather than what I think they should have.  I have made it an
obsolete variable because its ugly to turn tooltip-mode on and then
set a flag so that it behaves like its turned off.

Jason, can please you tell me if this change actually gives you the
behaviour that you want.

 > > It was just a flag that re-directed the output of tooltip-show-help
 > > to the echo area i.e. in the case of normal tooltips back to where
 > > it was displayed before tooltips were turned on.
 > If you mean to say that turning tooltips off would still display the
 > tooltip text in the echo area, then I agree with Jason: that's a bug
 > that should be fixed.  It should be possible to have 1 of 3 situations
 > wrt tooltips:

I don't think it is "tooltip text" but "help text". tooltips come later
and can choose to display "help text".

 >   (1) no tooltips and no messages in echo area
 >   (2) tooltip text is displayed in the echo area
 >   (3) tooltips are displayed as small floating windows

I think that (1) isn't possible but this is a separate issue to Jason's point.
Perhaps there could be another mode, help-text-mode say, that turns messages
on and off in the echo area, but IMHO this should wait till after the release.

 > > Normal tooltips and GUD tooltips have quite different internals and 
 > > putting their associated code in separate files was much more modular.
 > > Previously if tooltip-use-echo-area was set to t so that normal tooltips
 > > displayed there, then GUD tooltips would display there.
 > Internals aside, from the user's point of view, if I want tooltip text
 > to be displayed in the echo area, I want ALL tooltips to behave like
 > that.  Why in the world would I like these two variants of tips to
 > behave differently?

GUD tooltips are more distracting and easier to activate inadvertantly.
Emacs is generally about choice, they don't have to behave differently
if you don't want them to.


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