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Re: What holds the release

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: What holds the release
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 14:39:20 +0200

On 6/16/05, David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

> > OK 100% wrt the manuals. "Lowering the quality" seems loaded
> > language to me, given the different POVs about the relative
> > importance of FOR-RELEASE items.

> Stop right here.  That the various FOR-RELEASE items are rated
> differently does not mean that people think they are all unimportant.

Yeah, I think I have no trouble understanding that. Do you have any
trouble understanding that "given the different POVs about the
relative importance of FOR-RELEASE items" do *not* imply that "people
think they are all unimportant", only what it says: that different
people have different ideas about the relative importance of each

And, related question: did I say just *once* that I thought the
FOR-RELEASE items were unimportant?

> > And 100% disagree with you that branching for a release and leaving
> > the trunk for new development would "divert resources" (you stated
> > this position back then, if I'm not misremembering).
> Stop right here again.  That people don't chime in and shout "me too,
> me too" whenever Richard says something does not mean that they are in
> disagreement.  If people don't consider it necessary of having the
> same old arguments repeated all over again by more than one person,
> that does not mean that they have become less valid.

Perhaps you misunderstood "100% disagree" as meaning "100% of
developers disagree". As I am not Walt Whitman, I'm not vast and I do
not contain multitudes: I usually speak for myself. So "And 100%
disagree" meant "And I disagree with you one hundred percent". If that
was prone to misunderstanding because my limited English skills
failed, you should have given me the benefit of doubt and read the
message first as if I were speaking on *my* behalf and no-one else's.
Thanks for nothing.

> So please refrain from assigning opinions to developers at your whim.
> Speak for yourself.

I usually do. Even when I refer to other developers, as I did in a
previous message, I try to quote what they say, point at the sources
(sorry for not including a link to the relevant thread two and a half
years ago, but you can find it with five minutes research on the
archives), and I try *very hard* not to put other people's words in
their mouths.

I also try very hard to not cross the polite/impolite border.
Sometimes it seems more difficult than others.


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