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Re: fringe buffer-boundary bitmaps

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: fringe buffer-boundary bitmaps
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 20:31:25 -0400

    I understand that, but I don't see why we need two different ways to
    modify them -- you can redefine the standard bitmap directly, so I
    don't see why do we need an extra level of indirection here (which has
    to be done at the C level to an already quite complex piece of code).

    Currently, what we have are standard bitmaps for "bob-left",
    "bob-right", "eob-left", "eob-right" etc...

    But, rather than following the existing pattern of naming them after
    their purpose (like "continuation-line", "left-truncation" etc), I
    have named them after their visual appearence, e.g. "top-left-angle",
    "top-right-angle", "bottom-left-angle", etc...

    That is a bug IMO, so I agree with Miles that those names should be
    changed to match their purpose rather their appearence.

I would not say we "need" the extra level--that word is too
strong--but I think it would be cleaner.

It would be cleaner to name each bitmap after what it looks like, such
as top-left-angle, then specify by name one of these bitmaps to use
for a given purpose, such as beginning-of-buffer.

It's like defining a function with your own choice of name and then
putting that name in a hook or variable with a standard fixed name,
instead of redefining a function with a fixed name.

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