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Re: Q on Text Properties popup menu - shouldn't itusethepointerposition,

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: Q on Text Properties popup menu - shouldn't itusethepointerposition, not the cursor position?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:46:09 -0400

    With this code, the Text Properties menu uses the cursor position (point)
    when it is accessed from the menu-bar and the mouse pointer position when it
    is accessed via mouse popup menu (C-mouse-2). So, for instance, you can
    point the mouse at some text and pick Describe Properties to see its text

Does this mean only for the menu items that operate on a single position?
Changing the text properties applies to a region, and the only sensible
thing for it to do is act on _the_ region, as it does now.

    I also added items "Change Face Foreground", "Change Face Background", and
    "Change Face Attribute" to the menu. The first two let you change a face
    incrementally (using the arrow keys or mouse wheel). Using the C-mouse-2
    popup menu, you can just point to some text that has a face and change the
    face's colors incrementally. No need to know the face name or color
    names/values beforehand: just point and tweak.

That is completely unrelated to changing the text properties of some
text, but it could be a useful feature, if it makes face customization
really easy.  Can you describe the interface?  How do you use the
mouse to change a color?  Colors are in a 3-dimensional space,
and the mouse moves only in two dimensions.

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