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Re: New speedbar version

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: New speedbar version
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 09:48:28 +1300

 > Unfortunately, checking in the new version of Speedbar (which has been
 > undergoing development in its own tree for two years) was itself one
 > of the items needed for the release.

At first glance, I see the following problems:

* I don't understand the changes because there is no ChangeLog history.

* I don't know what the new features are because there is no documentation.

* It appears that the new FSF address has been replaced with the old one.

* RCS keywords have been introduced.

* I've done cvs -Rd update and make bootstrap but with info the speedbar
  doesn't show any nodes (I get the error message
  DFRAME TIMER ERROR: (void-variable speedbar-attached-frame))

* With gdb-ui.el I get (wrong-type-argument stringp nil) because 
  speedbar-check-read-only in speedbar-stealthy-function-list calls
  speedbar-line-file but there are no associated files, only variable
  values in the speedbar.


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