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From: Nick Roberts
Subject: lisp/ChangeLog
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 18:24:05 +1300

lisp/ChangeLog is not only the largest file (over 1MB) but it's also the most
frequently checked in.  For those like me, who are too tight to pay for
broadband, it takes a long time to commit (over four minutes using -z3).  The
scaling seems worse than linear or perhaps I'm just getting more grumpy in my
old age.  I realise that we might no want to split it because the release, like
tomorrow, is not far away but can we agree after the release to change it
annually e.g ChangeLog-2006, ChangeLog-2007 etc.  This is what GDB do and it's
less arbitrary.  I estimate that for Emacs it will result in files that are
about 500kB in size, which is plenty big enough.


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