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Re: Another Emacs icon

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: Another Emacs icon
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 01:33:01 +0000 (UTC)

   ... I do not think of those commands that I do not have a key
   binding for in my Emacs as "left overs".

My wording was poor.  I meant `used less frequently' -- remaining
after giving out the keybindings.

Thus, I use C-t (transpose-chars) and M-t (transpose-words) fairly
frequently, but transpose-sentences less frequently.

I agree ... the ability to write enhancements to Emacs is a central
feature ...

    Robert J. Chassell
    address@hidden                         GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    http://www.rattlesnake.com                  http://www.teak.cc

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