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Re: ATSUI support on Carbon Emacs

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: ATSUI support on Carbon Emacs
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 03:11:24 +0200
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At 12:10 on oct 28 2005, YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu said :

> > > > > > On  Thu,  27  Oct  2005  18:44:35  +0200,  Sébastien  Kirche
> > > > > > <address@hidden> said:
> > I am currently with the default monaco.
> > Plain text uses
> > -apple-monaco-medium-r-normal--9-90-72-72-m-90-iso10646-1
> > while italic is
> > -apple-monaco-medium-i-normal--9-90-72-72-m-90-iso10646-1

> As far as I tested on Mac OS X 10.3.9, difference in width between
> default and italic could only be observed with 9pt font (as for
> Monaco).  I don't think I can fix it in a non-ad hoc way.

Oh, so it is actually not  a problem because I was just using monaco-9pt
as the default built-in font for testing Emacs "out of the box" with x86
+ atsui support.

Instead I usually set another "developer font" that provides fixed width
chars and some details like dotted zeros to distinguish them from letter

So indeed the problem with  the width of italics disappeared after using
a "defaults write" to set Emacs.font. 

One weird  detail : I had to  choose the mac-roman variant  of that font
instead of the  iso10646-1 like the default monacco.  With the iso10646,
italics  and others  styles were  ok except  bold format  that  shown no
glyphs at all (not even blank squares).

So now my display is fine, appart the current atsui imperfections. But I
find them worth to have some previously unavailable chars.

Sébastien Kirche

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