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Re: Use .emacs.d in savehist.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Use .emacs.d in savehist.el
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:54:03 -0500
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>     In that case, maybe using root's own .emacs.d is actually the safer
>     thing to do, even if it is inconsistent with the meaning of "-u foo".

> I don't agree with Stefan.  I want this to work right,
> which means, to edit the init file of the specified user,
> or get an error if it can't write that file.

For what it's worth I agree with that, at least if it means not doing
anything special for root.  That towhich I'm opposed is code that
special-cases the situation where the user is root.

People who run Emas as root should get what they ask for (aka what they
deserve).  If they don't like it because it's "dangerous" they should simply
not do it.


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