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Re: Problems stepping through PC-lint output

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Problems stepping through PC-lint output
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:52:55 +0200
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>    MathGlobals.h:42:14: Info 773: Expression-like macro 'R2D' not 
> parenthesized
>    MathGlobals.h:42:14: Note 1923: macro 'R2D' could become const variable --
> the "MathGlobals.h:42:14: Info 773" line will get skipped and Emacs
> will jump to the next message (in this case, the second "Note 1923"
> about R2D).

Please see the documentation of the variable `compilation-skip-threshold'.
It has the default value 1 which means that `next-error' skips anything
less than a warning.  In your case the "MathGlobals.h:42:14: Info 773" line
is less than a warning.  It is an informational message.  If you set this
variable to 0, you can visit informational messages as well.

Also please note that when you set it to 0, you will skip the error
message on the second line "MathGlobals.h:42:14: Note 1923", but for
another reason: it is located on the same line and column as its
preceding message (i.e. both have 42:14).  The default value `t'
of another variable `compilation-skip-to-next-location' which skips
multiple error messages for the same source location, will skip it too.
You can set it to `nil' if you want.

BTW, after looking at these variables, I have some questions:

These variables are not documented in the Emacs manual.  Should they?

I don't understand why `compilation-skip-to-next-location' is not
defined with `defcustom' whereas other related variables are.  Should it?

The documentation string of `compilation-skip-threshold' says:
"The value can be either 2 -- skip anything less than error, 1 --
skip anything less than warning or 0 -- don't skip any messages."
Is it grammatically correct English?  IIUC, "either" means "one of two",
not "one of three" or more.

Juri Linkov

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