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Re: Diropen toolbar icon

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Diropen toolbar icon
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:33:44 +0200
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>> Sorry, but I think this Up icon looks out of place when compared to
>>Next and Previous icons.  Next and Previous icons have arrows on the
>>paper sheet in Portrait mode, but Up icon is rotated to Landscape mode.
>>Could you leave the paper in Portrait mode, and to rotate only the arrow?
> I've fixed that now.

Thanks.  Now Up is consistent with Next and Previous.  I only wonder
why the paper sheet on Next and Previous icons you got from the Gnome
repository has a different look than the paper sheet in search.xpm which
is copied from the same project?

Also I don't understand why arrows on Next and Previous are so
unconventional.   Usually when the arrow leads from outside to inside,
this means that you have arrived to inside this node from either next
or previous node, i.e. it denotes inward movement as in:


A more correct ideogram would be the arrow pointing outside to mean that
you are leaving the current node to the next/previous node, i.e. the
arrow denoting outward movement as in:


I don't know if we should fix these icons in Emacs, or to ask
Gnome developers.

>>I also suggest to place previous/next history icons before next/prev/up-node.
>>The reason is that in most browsers previous/next history icons are closest
>>to the left edge of the toolbar, and the Home icon (to which next/prev
>>are related to) are located on the right.
> That is an easy change.  Is this what others think also?

There are currently also another inconsistency.  In the header line
navigational keywords are in the following order:

  Next: ...   Prev: ...   Up: ...

But on the toolbar the order of icons is different:

  prev-node   next-node   up-node

Juri Linkov

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