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Re: [PATCH] left-fringe for speedbar

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: [PATCH] left-fringe for speedbar
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:26:13 +1300

 > The problem seems to be that update_tool_bar only sets the current buffer
 > to the buffer of the selected window of the frame being updated, but
 > keeps the selected window (and selected frame) unchanged, so any functions
 > used by the tool-bar menu-items will refer to the wrong info.
 > We could fix this (by changing frame/window temporarily while updating
 > the tool bar [and menu bar?], or we could make new variables
 > tool-bar-updating-frame and tool-bar-updating-window which are
 > exported from C to Lisp to be used explicitly in such cases where a
 > tool-bar item should reflect the hosting frame/window rather than the
 > selected frame/window.
 > WDYT?

I think that the former would be best.  I don't see any need to configure the
behaviour with lisp variables.  By "we" I hope you mean you, as I haven't
got a clue about how to do it!


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