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Re: [PATCH] left-fringe for speedbar

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: [PATCH] left-fringe for speedbar
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:07:43 +1300

 > Why is it so important whether the speedbar has a left fringe?

In an earlier post, I said:

Me> In gud.el I've made visibility of some tool bar buttons e.g the
Me> unintuitive break and clear buttons, conditional on the fringe (these
Me> operations can be done in the fringe, if present).  Unfortunately
Me> window-fringes uses the selected window and not the one that determines
Me> the tool-bar, when multiple frames are used.

Me> This means that the extra buttons appear every time the speedbar is
Me> selected.

Although this is probably due to a bug in Emacs, Kim has said it would be
difficult to fix.  Its an unusual requirement, so it probably not worth
risking breaking something else to fix it now.

So, I would still like to put the left fringe back.  No-one complained about
it being there for the last four years and it makes things more consistent.
However, these issues become larger than they really should.  I think it as an
insignificant change to the general user.


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