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Re: describe-bindings: ^L, bad order, naming

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: describe-bindings: ^L, bad order, naming
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:43:27 -0500

      This causes encoded-kbd-mode to insert a bunch of  
    bindings to encoded-kbd-self-insert-ccl.

Why don't they get grouped together by the code that detects
a run of consecutive characters with the same binding?

Another idea: put key-translation-map last.

    One solution to the issue might be to simply have describe_map (in  
    keymap.c) not show any bindings to "self-insert" commands.

It would be bad to hide them.  Anyway, they normally use only two
lines, for unibyte characters, since the runs of consecutive characters
are combined:

SPC .. ~        self-insert-command
DEL             delete-backward-char
  .. ÿ          self-insert-command

However, I see that we have these lines for
MULE characters:

    <RHP of Latin-1>
      <<default>>       self-insert-command
    <RHP of Latin-2>
      <<default>>       self-insert-command
    <RHP of Latin-3>
      <<default>>       self-insert-command
    <RHP of Latin-4>
      <<default>>       self-insert-command
    <RHP of TIS620>
      <<default>>       self-insert-command

and dozens more.  It would be nice to combine those lines somehow.
Perhaps like this:

    <RHP of Latin-1> <RHP of Latin-2> <RHP of Latin-3>   self-insert-command
    <RHP of Latin-4> <RHP of TIS620> ...

Would someone like to write the code to do that?
It can be quite ad-hoc, as long as it is careful to check
that the raw data fits the change it makes.

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