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Re: GUD icons

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: GUD icons
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 13:16:21 +1300

 > However, I had only tried this with debugging emacs, so indeed C-c C-c kills
 > emacs -- so I'm accustomed to ALWAYS use C-c C-z (stop), as this is safer.
 > >         SIGTSTP (comint-stop-subjob) needs two continue commands to restart
 > > whereas SIGINT only needs one:
 > Yes, that is annoying (but I'm so used to it, that I hardly think
 > about it anymore).

You could put this in ~/.gdbinit:

handle SIGTSTP nopass

 > > The only problem with using SIGINT is that it doesn't work when debugging
 > > Emacs.  
 > Why not?

Its explained in DEBUG:

    The src/.gdbinit file in the Emacs distribution arranges for SIGINT
    (C-g in Emacs) to be passed to Emacs and not give control back to GDB.

Actually this only seems to be necessary when Emacs is running in a

 > >         I could make this a special case, as with gud-pp, I guess.
 > Wouldn't it be better to make emacs work with SIGINT instead?

In general, it can't, for the reason above.
 > But if SIGINT can kill emacs, it can kill other apps too (I suppose);
 > so for that reason SIGTSTP is safer -- but if emacs is really the only
 > app where this is relevant, maybe we could special-case it.

It would generally only be the case if the the app has its own use for SIGINT.


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