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Re: Key-binding clash between gnus and calc

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Key-binding clash between gnus and calc
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 22:04:33 +0200
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> Since `C-x=' won't be available, it seems to come down to `C-x*' and
> `C-x\'.  (There are others available, but none of which seem to have
> any advantages, and these two have gotten the green light.)
> The awkwardness of `C-x\' on some keyboards seems to outweigh it's
> advantage on the American keyboard.  The `C-x*' isn't as nice for me
> as `C-x\', but I still don't find it that bad.
> Unless there are serious objections, it looks to me like `C-x*' is the
> best choice.

If there is no hurry with the decision, then given the fact that
there are better keybindings, what about the following plan?

1. Bind `C-h =' to `what-cursor-position' and `C-h c' to `describe-char',
but keep `C-x =' bound to `what-cursor-position'.

2. Document everywhere in the documentation that `C-h =' is the new
keybinding for `what-cursor-position' and `C-x =' is deprecated.

3. After the release rebind `C-x =' to `calc-dispatch'.

Or alternatively, as David suggested, bind `C-x ,' to `server-edit' and
rebind `C-x #' to `calc-dispatch' after the release.

Juri Linkov

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