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RE: view mode: `q' does not delete frame

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: view mode: `q' does not delete frame
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 17:16:47 -0800

    See emacs-devel list messages of 9/8 and 9/9/2005, subject "quitting
    help buffer". RMS's conclusion was "It doesn't fail for me, so there's
    nothing I can do." By that he meant that for him `q' always deleted
    the frame.

    Here is a recipe to reproduce the bug.
    emacs -q
    M-x set-variable RET pop-up-frames t
    M-x apropos-zippy RET wash RET
    Try `q' in the frame *Apropos Zippy*.

    It does nothing. I want it to delete the frame.
    Note: In other contexts, the frame is iconified instead of nothing
    happening. I always want it to be deleted, never iconified.

I meant to send that to emacs-pretest, but since I sent it here, I'll
continue here with the followup.

Even without setting pop-up-frames = t, `q' does nothing in buffer *Apropos
Zippy*, which is in view-mode. Same recipe, without the `set-variable'. Use
`C-x o' to get to the buffer, then try `q'.

If you use `M-x apropos', on the other hand, using `q' in the *Apropos*
buffer gets rid of the buffer (it does `quit-window'). It doesn't get rid of
the window, but in my pop-up-frames=t case, `quit-window' does get rid of
the (dedicated-window) frame. If that behavior (get rid of the frame) could
be used always, I'd be happy.

*Apropos* is not in view-mode, however - the problem is with view-mode. In
*Apropos*, `q' does `quit-window', which is exactly what I wish it would do
in view-mode.

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