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Re: c-submode-indicators at wrong place in minor-mode-alist

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: c-submode-indicators at wrong place in minor-mode-alist
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 09:03:56 +1300

 > >The patch below seems to fix it for me.  I think I have associated each
 > >function with the right variable but these aren't really minor modes in
 > >the normal sense (if they were the functions and variables would have
 > >the same name).
 > OK.  Do you have any feel for how portable the fix is (In Emacs 20.n,
 > 21.n, XEmacs 21.4.n)?

I'm fairly sure it will work in Emacs 21.x but I don't know about the other
versions.  However, clearly the change could be commmitted to the Emacs
repository.  I don't how you store your changes, but a distributed RCS like
Arch, would seem ideal for your purposes. Then the changes that you commit to
Emacs 22.1 could be stored as a branch in your local repository.  I don't know
all the details (I've nwver used Arch) but Miles Bader keeps an Arch mirror
for Emacs and I'm sure he would put you in the picture.

 > >CC mode seems to have become much more complicated, but that might be
 > >because its much more powerful.  I don't know, I just find it hard to
 > >understand.
 > It is hard to understand.  Partly, it's because C and friends are such a
 > dreadful languages (to parse, that is ;-), partly because CC Mode handles
 > seven different languages in a single package.  It "jumped in complexity"
 > between releases 5.28 and 5.30 (Summer 2003).  It's probably more
 > accurate to say that the complexity has been concentrated in a few
 > hot-spots, allowing simplicity to pervade the rest.

You do most of the development.  It only needs to be simpler if you want to
look to others like emacs-devel, to help you.  One way to do that, I guess, is
to strip down the branch for Emacs 22.1 in your hypothetical Arch repository,
to just work in Emacs 22.1.


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