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Re: `rename-file' with leading spaces in filename

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: `rename-file' with leading spaces in filename
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 10:52:53 +0100
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>     Suppose I have a file called "c:/foo"

FOO                     10  02.01.06   7:45 foo

where "FOO" is the short filename (aka 8+3 alias) and "foo" is the long

>     Doing M-x rename-file RET c:/foo RET c:/ foo
> At that point, which relevant files exist?

FOO                     10  02.01.06   7:45  foo

The short filename remains unaffected by the renaming operation, the
additional space between "7:45" and "foo" shows that the long filename
was changed.

>       M-x rename-file RET c:/ foo RET c:/foo
>     gets me:
>     File c:/foo already exists; rename to it anyway? (y or n)
> Can you determine which primitive concludes that it exists
> and see what arguments it got?

The FindFirstFile call in

fh = FindFirstFile (name, &wfd);

around line 2430 in w32.c finds "c:/foo" due to the fact that
FindFirstFile is allowed to return a file whose short filename matches
the parameter "name" (provided - as I suspect - it does not find a file
whose long filename matches "name").

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