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Re: GtkPlug patch

From: Timo Savola
Subject: Re: GtkPlug patch
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:13:47 +0200

> > If all of this is not the case, then the respective code paths would
> > basically just get exercised when one explicitly does something that
> > one could not do before.  If there are just a few such code spaces,
> > the impact on the general release quality would be negligible.
> Yes, that is true.  But I suspect that if we put this in now we will  
> get bug reports about things like keyboard focus, which doesn't work  
> correctly with this patch (due to the fact that Emacs isn't a "pure"  
> GTK implementation).

A weird thing about the GtkPlugged Emacs is that it seems to work
perfectly when some window managers (Ion) are used, but not that well
with others (Openbox, Metacity).  Perhaps this can be addressed in a
hand-written XEmbed implementation.

> But if the author is willing to handle those bug reports, we can put  
> this patch in now.  It is a very small change, and very safe in that  
> it does not alter the normal code path unless you use --parent-id.

I wonder if this is the case with the emacs-parent-fix.patch.  I don't
understand what the code was trying to do, unless it was simply buggy.


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